Katie’s Birthday

Today is Katie’s 21st birthday.


Kate’s party decorations

As many know her favorite things include the Little Mermaid and most recently an obsession with Captain America. So I combined both things for her birthday present this year and for her party (Which I was in charge of decorating) I decided to go with a Captain America theme: Complete with a homemade Captain America Cake. I used the same recipe for my rainbow cake that I found here and the idea for the Captain America cake came from here. How to make my combined version of the two is as follows:



Not pictured is the fondant

  • 3 boxes of white cake mix
  • 36 oz of diet Sprite
  • Red and Blue gel food coloring
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Fondant (Red, White, and Blue)

Now I guess it’s truly not homemade because it’s store bought cake mix and store bought fondant, but I have tried making homemade fondant in the past and it turned into Frankencake (bolts and everything).

Here is how I made the cake. The first cake I made was the white one, since it’s the easiest and after using the mixing bowl with the white one I can move on to a colored one without an issue. So I put the white cake mix in a mixing bowl and added 12 oz of the diet Sprite and mixed it all up. Then I sprayed some Pam on a 9 inch round cake pan and poured the batter in. I baked the cake for 35 minutes. While the cake was heating up in the oven I moved on to the second cake. Again adding 12 oz of diet Sprite and then squeezing in some blue gel food coloring (or you could do the red first, doesn’t matter). After mixing it up I added a little bit more blue to make it the color I desired. I fortunately have a dual oven so I poured my batter into the pan and baked cake number two. Then I took a second mixing bowl (because I am lazy and didn’t want to clean the first one right away) and added the cake mix, the diet Sprite, and red gel food coloring. This I kept into the bowl until the white cake was done in the upper oven.

While waiting I tore three sheets of wax paper for my cakes. Then I worked on rolling out my white fondant. It’s crucial that you get it very thin otherwise the cake is pretty much inedible (I know, I made a practice one). When the white cake was done in the oven I turned the pan upside down, popping the cake out onto a sheet of wax paper and slid the wax paper onto a plate. Then I stuck it in the freezer to cool. You could also let it cool down naturally, I am just an impatient person. I did this with all three cakes, so I had three cakes on wax paper on plates in my freezer. And I worked up a sweat rolling out my fondant and a sheet of wax paper. Once I got the fondant to the desired “thinness” I simply rolled the wax paper it was on up and I had it taking up less counter space.

I pulled my white cake out of the freezer and slid the wax paper with the cake off the plate. Then I turned the plate upside down. I flipped the cake upside down onto the upside down plate and peeled the wax paper off the bottom of it. I then discarded that wax paper. I took my cake leveler and slid it through the cake about halfway in height so I had two layers of white. I took the top layer and put it on the final plate and then put a layer of vanilla frosting on it.

Cutting Cake

Cutting the White Cake

I then pulled the blue cake out of the freezer and took a lid that was from a small deli food container. I found that a veggie dip or sour cream lid would work as well. I cleaned the lid off and placed it as close to the center of the cake as I could. I took a knife and cut around the lid. Taking the lid off I then pulled out the inside of the cake leaving just a ring of blue.

Lid on Cake

Placing the plastic lid on cake to be cut.

Gutted Cake
The blue cake finally gutted.

Pulling out the red cake I repeated the same procedure that I did with the white cake. I took the top layer and put it on top of the white frosted layer. I then frosted on top of the red. Before putting the next white layer down I frosted the top of it and added the last red layer to it. Then I took the same lid I used with the blue layer and cut around it. I then peeled away the outer ring. I placed the inner circle on top of the cake. Then I carefully took the blue ring of cake with the wax paper and flipped it over upside down onto the top of the cake so it didn’t crumble apart. I then frosted the entire cake with the vanilla frosting. I rolled out the fondant and applied it to the cake as well. I could have used a little more fondant so it completely covered the cake.

Almost done

The little cake on the big cake

Frost me, please
Just needs the frosting.. and the fondant… and the shield

For the shield I used some sugar paper. I drew what I was going to cut out on the clear protective layer and then proceeded to cut it. I used some extra white fondant for the star. Then I rolled out some red fondant and made stripes to go on the side of the cake. It looked a bit like a peppermint candy at that point. I put a ring of red around the top of the sides as well with the fondant. I then rolled out some blue fondant and used some fondant cutters in the shapes of stars and cut them out placing them at the intersection of red fondant lines. Pictures of the complete cake are soon to come….

Sugar Shield

My sugar paper masterpiece equipped with a white fondant star!